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The Cambridge Supplementary Application Questionnaire is required from all Cambridge applicants.  The deadline for Cambridge to receive the form is 22nd October 2021. You will know when to fill out the form as Cambridge will send an email, after you have submitted your UCAS form, asking you to fill out the SAQ online by the deadline. It is usually filled out online, although you can contact Cambridge directly for a solution if this is a problem for you.

Why does it exist?

The SAQ is designed so that Cambridge has consistent information from every applicant, beyond the details provided in the UCAS form. It also allows Cambridge to ask questions not required by UCAS, such as details of module marks in AS examinations. 

Tips from Cambridge as to what you need to have with you when you fill out the form:

– Your UCAS personal ID number – The temporary SAQ password, sent to you by email – A passport size digital photograph of you – Your BMAT registration number (if required) – Details of the units you have taken, including module marks – Details of band scores achieved. There are seven sections to the SAQ and section seven includes an additional personal statement. Whether you fill this in or not is optional. It can be a great opportunity to talk specifically about why you want to study the course you have applied for at Cambridge. Will the course allow you to develop an area of knowledge you are desperately keen to pursue? The brilliant thing about the SAQ is that only Cambridge will see it and so it can be completely tailored to the specific course for which you are applying. It really is a very straightforward process.  Just ensure you read through the instructions carefully, fill out the SAQ by the deadline, and ask Cambridge if you find anything difficult or are unsure of any aspect of the form at any stage.

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