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Having a good work environment makes a big difference to productivity. In order for students to study effectively at home, parents and guardians should do all they can to create a positive space to study. While some of these ideas may require some effort to implement, some can be done even if you are not at home to accompany your child during the day.

Minimise disruptions

Disruptions, such as noise, can kill productivity. Therefore, if you are also at home with your child during their workday, you should try to avoid disrupting them in any way. If there is some unavoidable noise in the house, such as a washing machine, consider playing some background sounds on a speaker if your child finds the noise distracting. In most cases, however, silence is preferable.

Work with them

If you are also working from home, working next to them may help your child to focus. By working next to them, you are helping to create a good study environment and will also be on-hand to help with anything they are stuck on. Additionally, your presence in the room will also prevent them from procrastinating, for example on social media.

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Encourage and be positive

Studying at home requires great discipline and can often be difficult, especially for younger students. Your child may require encouragement, whether in verbal or reward form, to give them the boost needed to be productive. Try to be as supportive and positive as possible, especially if they are struggling.

Prioritise nutrition

Brain foods can improve concentration, memory and mood. Incorporating nutritional snacks and meals into your child’s diet will benefit their mental state and ultimately allow them to study more effectively. Examples of brain foods include fish, blueberries and broccoli, although staying hydrated is just as important.

Ensure their desk is clutter-free

Although a cluttered desk may increase creativity, a tidy desk has been shown to help instil greater order. Given that studying at home generally requires discipline rather than creative thinking, a clutter-free desk is preferable. Also, it means that your child won’t have to sift through piles of paper in order to find that elusive question paper!

Make sure they have all they need

Your child will study more effectively if they do not have to keep getting up to fetch more stationery. Help them by ensuring that they have all the resources they need for revision, whether it is pens or printed test papers, in a convenient place so that they are not wasting time gathering materials.

Consider structured online programmes

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