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Whilst studying at home can come naturally to some, for many others it can be difficult to set oneself up in an atmosphere outside of school that puts you in the mood for studying. In this article we’re going to take you through our top tips for building a positive study space at home or elsewhere (perhaps you’re planning to hit the books whilst on holiday!) to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your school breaks. These tips go both for students trying to study and parents hoping to encourage their children to get some work done whilst at home!



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Minimise disruptions

Nothing is worse than trying to focus on a dense bit of text or on memorising some flashcard whilst people are running around you, shouting in the background, or pestering you with questions and conversation. We know that the holidays are a great time for catching up with family and friends, and you should definitely set aside some time to do so during the holidays, but the two don’t tend to mix all that well.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of a room all to themselves or an entirely silent space away from noise pollution. If this is the case, why not finding a white noise loop or some classical music (without lyrics to distract you) and try playing that through your phone/laptop or on headphones? Whilst this doesn’t work for everyone, some people find this a helpful tool for blocking out noise that it’s impossible to get away from.

Work alongside others

Whilst we don’t want to encourage you to chat away instead of working, sitting down to study alongside parents who are working from home or other friends who have exams coming up can be a great way to motivate one another. Together you can plan blocks of high-focus study time or certain goals for the study session and hold one another accountable so that you both feel motivated to get the work you need to done.

Stay nourished

Just like a bodybuilder hitting the gym, when you study you’re exercising the most important muscle in your body - your brain! As such, making sure that you are properly fuelled with the right foods can do wonders for your thinking power. We recommend incorporating nutritious snacks and meals into your holiday schedule so that you feel adequately powered throughout the long days of studying. If getting your hands on brainfoods such as fish, berries, or nuts and seeds (these aren’t always stocked in your average snack cupboard!), don’t panic… the most important takeaway here is that you need to have enough food, ideally in small bursts throughout the day, to top up your energy reserves. Making sure that you are keeping hydrated is also very important, so always have a glass or bottle of water to hand!

Keep your space clutter-free

Although there is some evidence to suggest that a cluttered desk can help promote creativity, a tidy desk has been shown to help instil greater order. Since revision is a more organised and less creative pursuit (although feel free to go big on clutter if you’ve got an art portfolio to complete over the holidays!) it’s probably best to err on the tidier side. If you’re working with a small desk or table size, then why not try keeping only the things you strictly need at any one time on the desk with you, and put the others under the table/chair on in your bag until you need them?

Make sure you have everything you need in reach

When sitting down to begin study for the day, we recommend gathering all the requisite stationary, equipment, textbooks, spare clothing (in case it’s still a chilly spring!), or anything else you may need and having it near you before you get started. This will help prevent you from having to get up a hundred and one times throughout your study session and disrupting your flow.

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