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Architecture Admissions Assessment Guide

Everything you should know before taking the Architecture Admissions Assessment and how to be successful!

WHAT IS THE Architecture Admissions Assessment?

The Architecture Admissions Assessment is a pre-interview test that applicants are asked to sit prior to their Cambridge interview. The test is not designed to assess any particular course content (since students do not normally study architecture at school), but rather measures certain skills that candidates will find useful in studying for this degree; namely, their writing skills as well as their graphic and spatial ability.

WHO NEEDS TO SIT THE Architecture Admissions Assessment?

The Architecture Admissions Assessment is set by Cambridge University for candidates shortlisted to interview for the Architecture or Design degree courses at all Cambridge Colleges.

HOW IS THE Architecture Admissions Assessment STRUCTURED?

The Architecture Admissions Assessment is made up of two parts, each of which takes 30 minutes to complete. The first section of the paper gives candidates a question to which they are to produce an answer in the form of a short essay. This section may ask candidates to discuss images provided in the paper. The second section of the paper asks candidates to observe and interpret a setting through drawing (either indoor or outdoor within the college premises).

CAN I CHOOSE WHICH QUESTIONS I ANSWER IN THE Architecture Admissions Assessment?

No, applicants are asked to respond to the single question/task presented in each part of the assessment.

HOW IS MY SCORE IN THE Architecture Admissions Assessment USED?

As the Architecture Admissions Assessment is a pre-interview test taken by applicants who have already been shortlisted for interview, it has perhaps a less important role in the selection process than other admissions tests taken prior to interview selection. Applicants taking the Architecture Admissions Assessment will have their test results and scripts considered by admissions tutors alongside their interview performance, meaning that an impressive performance in the test could help bolster a less impressive interview performance, and vice versa.

WHAT IS A GOOD Architecture Admissions Assessment SCORE?

Since the exam is by nature subjective, made up of one essay question and one technical drawing, it is near-impossible to say that any one score will guarantee acceptance onto the Cambridge Architecture or Design course. Since the Architecture Admissions Assessment is used as an assessment tool among a wider context of factors, such as your academic grades and teacher reference, there is no fixed pass mark or automatic threshold.


The Architecture Admissions Assessment is a test of skills, namely essay-writing and technical drawing, rather than being a test of particular content knowledge.

Although the content is not specific to any school syllabus, the skills that you will be using to complete the first part of the paper will be those taught and practised in humanities A-level (or equivalent) courses, such as History, Sociology, Classics, and many more. We therefore recommend using your school studies as an example from which to practise the relevant skills. For the second part of the paper, focusing on skills learned in Art and Design, mainly technical and observational drawing, will be the key to your success. It can be difficult to identify tasks and exercises to practise these skills; our specialist tutors who have experience of advising students taking other qualifications and help them fill in knowledge gaps.

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How to register for the Architecture Admissions Assessment

WHEN IS THE Architecture Admissions Assessment IN 2023?

The Architecture Admissions Assessment will be sat by students who have been invited to interview by a Cambridge college. There is no specific date published for the test, and colleges will reach out to shortlisted applicants via email to inform them of the test date and arrangements when they are invited to interview. Cambridge Interviews mostly take place in the first three weeks of December.


If you are invited to take the Architecture Admissions Assessment, all the information you require to attend and sit the test will be included in an email from the college you have applied to; there is no need to worry about finding information or make arrangements beforehand!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO TAKE THE Architecture Admissions Assessment?

The Architecture Admissions Assessment is free of charge for shortlisted applicants.


Tips from a Successful Cambridge Architecture Student

HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR THE Architecture Admissions Assessment?

  1. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is the key to success. Work through sample questions and past papers to improve your critical reading, writing, and analytical skills.
  2. Enhance Your Drawing Skills: The Architecture Admissions Assessment relies heavily on your ability to interpret your surroundings (i.e. the room or space you are in) through accurate and easy-to-follow drawings. We recommend practising drawing from observation with simple tools (stick to HB or B pencils and A3 or A4 paper).
  3. Develop Writing Skills: Refine your essay writing abilities by practising different types of essays and seeking feedback from teachers or mentors.
  4. Time Management: During preparation, practice answering questions within the allocated time limits. Time management is crucial to completing all sections of the Architecture Admissions Assessment effectively. The University website keeps past papers available so that applicants can test themselves in timed conditions. If you’ve worked your way through these, we at Oxbridge Applications keep a bespoke bank of true-to-reality mock tests which are made available to all students on our Architecture Admissions Assessment admissions test course.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with the latest news and developments in your chosen field. This will not only enhance your essay writing but also prepare you for potential interview questions. On our blog we endeavour to keep potential applicants up to date on everything admissions-test, so be sure to check in there for more news!
  6. Ask expert advice: Request feedback on your practice essays and responses from teachers, mentors, or peers. Constructive criticism will help you identify areas for improvement and refine your approach. Previous Cambridge Architecture or Design graduates, such as our mentors here at Oxbridge Applications, are also a great source of knowledge to draw on, as they can give you an accurate picture of what it means to perform like a successful Cambridge applicants!

Architecture Admissions Assessment PREPARATION MATERIALS

In addition to official Architecture Admissions Assessment past and specimen papers on the Cambridge Website, we at Oxbridge Applications have written a series of additional mock papers. Our students have 33% more questions to practise with. Our mock Architecture Admissions Assessment papers are included with our admissions test tuition. All of our Architecture Admissions Assessment tutors are highly-trained Cambridge graduates who can share their personally insights of having sat the test. You can contact our Oxbridge-graduate Consultants on +44 (0) 20 7499 2394 or email [email protected] to discuss which of our test training would suit you best. We also have an online testing portal for students who want to sit the exam in timed, test conditions.

WHAT IS THE BEST STUDY GUIDE FOR THE Architecture Admissions Assessment

At Oxbridge Applications, we pride ourselves in providing up-to-date advice and unrivalled expertise. As well as collating information from publicly available sources, we also conduct our own research into the application process; for example, by surveying the thousands of students we support each year. Speak to an Oxbridge Applications expert today for advice on your specific situation!


How to Pass the Architecture Admissions Assessment?

The best advice we can offer to succeed the Architecture Admissions Assessment exam is to begin exam preparation early and practise often.

Most students who don’t make it through the interview stages and feel their Architecture Admissions Assessment results let them down tell us that they didn’t spend enough time familiarising themselves with the type of questions that can arise. They typically say that they were caught off guard by a particular question and it put their timings off for the rest of the test.


Since no subject-specific knowledge is required for the architecture Admissions Assessment, challenge yourself to begin working through past papers and familiarising yourself with the questions as soon as possible.


Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses. No two students should have the same revision strategy for the Architecture Admissions Assessment, since you all have varying abilities. Try to identify which aspect of the process, the essay-writing or the technical drawing, is the biggest struggle for you, then tailor your strategy accordingly!


Don’t restrict your practice materials: Once you have tried all of the real past papers, and have moved on to additional materials like our bespoke Architecture Admissions Assessment papers, you should then look wider at similar materials. For example, look beyond just past papers to more general essay-questions or drawing tasks, perhaps even challenge a friend or family member to make up a question for you!


Work with a friend or teacher to discuss questions and identify your own personal preparation goals. Working with others can be a huge motivation and keep you on track in the weeks and months leading up to the test. We have specialist Architecture Admissions Assessment tutors who can work with you one-to-one to refine your test technique.


Strategic Guidance

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Past Architecture Admissions Assessment test papers

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