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HAT Course

The HAT (History Aptitude Test) is an admissions exam designed to rank the applicants to history-related courses at the University of Oxford to help admissions tutors separate excellent candidates from one another as part of the admissions test. We here at Oxbridge Applications are specialists in all-things Admissions Test, and offer a range of options to help you prepare for the HAT, including bespoke HAT preparation courses, HAT Oxford mock tests, and various free e-resources and guides to help promising applicants showcase the best of their abilities when it comes to sitting the real HAT exam

Our packages, aimed at helping students prepare for the History Aptitude Test Oxford, include one-to-one admissions test tuition sessions with a test specialist using our own, bespoke mock test papers as supplementary resources. Sessions are arranged according to your schedule and are completely flexible to fit in with your school, work, or other commitments. Our team of Oxford HAT test tutors, all of whom have studied a history-related subject at Oxford, have an intimate understanding of the Oxford History Aptitude Test and what it takes to prepare well for what is, to many, a daunting admissions test.

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Everything you should know before taking the HAT test and how to be successful

What is the HAT?

The Oxford History Aptitude Test is an hour-long exam made up of just one long-response essay question. This single question will be an unseen source analysis. You will be given a documentary source from a period or region you probably won’t have studied before, with some explanatory notes, and a general question for you to respond to. The aim here is not to test your knowledge of a specific time period or historical concept, but rather to see how well you can adapt your existing knowledge to new information.


What courses require the HAT?

The HAT is set by Oxford University as a mandatory requirement for students applying for History, History and Economics, History and English, History and Modern Languages, or History and Politics.

How is the HAT used?

Oxford University uses the HAT as a standardised format for assessing and benchmarking their applicants. The exam rewards source analysis and essay structuring over knowledge of a specific historical period, so that students taking different qualifications at school can access the syllabus. Oxford University uses students’ marks in the HAT to make decisions about which applicants they should invite to interview. The vast majority of applicants to Oxford’s highly competitive history courses will have similarly excellent grades, so an applicant’s HAT test score heavily influences this decision.

Full preparation for the History Aptitude Test (HAT)

Expert Tuition

HAT  tuition is conducted by Oxbridge-graduate tutors who specialise exclusively in the HAT

Sit a Full Mock

Full-length exam-conditions HAT mock test sat to mimic intensity of the real exam.

Up-to-date mock papers

Original HAT mock papers updated regularly to reflect changes in content and difficulty

Track record

The course is run by experienced HAT  tutors who have a consistent record of helping students to score higher in their test

Content and Timing

Skills development and analysis technique session to improve content & time-management strategy covered

Detailed Answers

Detailed feedback showing the best approaches in your mock HAT papers

Individual Tuition

HAT course packages are held on a 1:1 basis for highly interactive and personal experience


HAT workbook included for time-management techniques, tackling conceptual knowledge, analysis and extra practice


Papers marked and returned to you in time to improve areas of weakness

HAT Admission Private Tuition x4

Available all year-round and includes 4 private admissions test tuition sessions and four test papers, which are marked by expert Oxbridge-graduate tutors.

HAT Admission Private Tuition x6

Available all year-round and includes 6 private admissions test tuition sessions and four test papers, which are marked by expert Oxbridge-graduate tutors.

Read our comprehensive HAT Guide

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