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Ned graduated from Oxford in 2021, studying History. While there, he specialised in Modern American and Indian History, with a particular focus on the uses of Anglo-Indian partition literature as a form of societal trauma processing. His passion for History was reflected in his being awarded prizes by the Royal Economic and Social History Society, as well as winning his college's "Principal's Prize" and "Exhibition in History" for First Class Results across a broad range of papers, including topics such as "NeoLiberalism and PostModernism, 1970-2000" and "Conquest and Colonization: The Spanish Conquest of Latin America." Ned's Undergraduate career culminated in his presenting a paper at the Warwick University "Margins To Centre" conference, outlining the work that Bapsi Sidhwa's novel "Cracking India" does in processing South-Asian Partition trauma. Outside of academia, Ned is a keen musician, cook and footballer and has also recently taken up juggling. Ned has been tutoring with Oxbridge Applications for 1 year, and has guided many students through the History Admissions journey. He is very excited for another year of rewarding work in 2024!

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